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Heart Of The United States of America

Kansas is the most central state of our union. RAHA Digital serves the greater Midwest region while being headquartered in Lawrence, KS. Our mission is to bring cutting-edge web technology to the area, our vision is to be the heart of the Silicon Prairie.

Our custom sites and applications drive growth. We are the simple solution to your complex problem. Take advantage of full stack, enterprise-level development to modernize your business. Our agile team stands ready to handcraft your digital presence. As custom web development experts in a rapidly evolving world, we stay ahead of the curve.

Smart Solutions for Business

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As your data increases, the need for efficient management becomes evident. Organization is crucial for scalability in any process. Find that needle in the haystack immediately with intuitive systems built around the end user.

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Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is the filing cabinet for your business, accessible only where you choose. Secure hosting ensures no loss of data, corporate-level development guarantees no theft. This firmly puts accessibility and security in your hands.

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Digital Automation

Seconds become minutes as pennies stack to dollars. Cut down on repetitive computer tasks to maximize productivity and eliminate redundancy. Minimize wasted effort with intelligent systems design and digital workflow automation.

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Graphics & Media

We are a full spectrum, creative suite: graphic design, motion graphics (2D/3D), written content, music, photography, videography, etc. From rebranding to crafting organic content, we are eager to help convey your message.

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Keywords and backlinks are important, but the amateur stops there. Modern SEO benefits most from organic content that engages your users. We focus on a clean layout, filled with dynamic content, that adheres to SEO best practices.

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Mobile Apps

Mobile applications take it to a whole new level. Our custom mobile apps publish to the Google Play and iOS stores. Task management, delivery, inventory, scheduling, and payroll are just a few of the endless possibilities.