Providing You The Very Best

RAHA is a digital design and development company. We grow businesses through developing strong brands, mobile-friendly websites, and custom software applications perfectly tailored to fit your needs. We are problem solvers who offer unique and innovative digital solutions focused around the user experience.



Developing And Refining Your Brand

Modern society is now overloaded with information and short attention spans. The perfect first impression hits your competitors where it matters most: consumer choice. Our designs provide consistency for your brand and instill a sense of trust with your customers. Make sure yours stands out from the crowd and starts generating sales leads.

  • Print design (Letterhead design, Business Cards, Invoices, Sale sheets)
  • Email template design
  • Banner ads
  • Interface design (UX/UI)
  • Logo design

Engaging Your Audience

Good design is all about adaptation and presentation. Web design directly connects with clients through interactive, informative, and usable web platforms. When your company inevitably grows and changes, you need a site that can keep up. Easily extend and modify your new website well after project completion with our Content Management System. When you choose RAHA, you are always in control from top to bottom.

  • Informative Site
  • Marketing Platform
  • Showcasing Your Portfoliio
  • eCommerce For Your Product Line

Planning Ahead

We expect the unexpected so that you don't have to. Reach audiences that have never been attainable and structure your content to keep the reader engaged. Unleash the power of web technology to remake processes into efficient and automated workflows. Rethink your business with our custom digital strategies.

  • Structuring Information
  • Marketing Optimization
  • Data Aggregation and Reporting
  • Automation of Processes Through Spreadsheets and Scripts

Custom Fitted Systems

Let the modern web do the legwork for you by driving your workflow and housing your data. Take that compiled user information and adapt accordingly. Our application platforms are meant to wrap around your business and provide a standardized process for your daily operations. Our scalable and modular design ensures that the system supporting your company is never outgrown by it. No project is too large with the right design.

  • Form development
  • Process Workflow
  • Reporting
  • eCommerce Websites

Connect Your Platforms Together

If you have multiple systems acting independently, inefficiency will cut into your bottom line. Tap into the power of the cloud to store your data securely and reliably. Close the gap between your customers and their invoices through billing integration to online platforms. Connect them together with API integration and make your workflow more efficient.

  • Amazon API
  • Billing Integration
  • Quickbooks
  • Cloud Platforms
  • Slack Integration

Putting You On the Web

Choosing the perfect web host comes down to security, reliability, and performance. It needs to scale with that inevitable increase in size and be consistent throughout. We hold our hosting companies to the highest standards so that uptime and performance never fail. If we build it, we will manage it. Let us handle the technical details while you benefit from a presence on the web.

  • Dedicated Servers
  • AWS
  • Data Storage/Redundancy
  • Maintenance

It's all in the process...

The first building block to a solid website is proper research and systems analysis. We define the core problems and lay the framework towards fixing them. At this stage, we calculate the risks and collaborate on the best path forward. Research is how we orient ourselves in the right direction so that there is no wasted time or effort. We want every step we take to be in the right direction from concept to completion.

After finding the perfect path forward, we detail the concrete steps needed to make it to the end. The project timeline we create to illustrate our strategy comes down to goals and results. With a firm understanding of your company’s needs at this point, we're ready to work towards delivering that high quality product with outstanding performance.

Strategy is our blueprint and design is our foundation. When it comes to our digital design, user flow is key. We treat Initial Branding to User Experience and User Interaction (UX & UI) Design like the artforms they are. Working closely with you during the design process, strict branding guidelines and marketing departments are never an issue.

With a solid foundation in place, it's time to really get to work. We create it to deploy it: no half-finished prototypes or buggy releases. The development process transforms static designs into fluid applications, working through the kinks along the way. We also develop with configuration in mind, making for easy extensibility after the initial development. Don't like something? Change it. Don't see something? Add it.

After we have your functioning application with all features fully implemented, we break it. We break it again and again, in every way imaginable, until it cannot break anymore. This rigorous final walkthrough of the application is done with the latest and not-so-latest devices and browsers. A successful launch must leave a lasting impression that keeps users coming back. We don't let the bugs slip past to ensure your customers always dwell on the positive when they think of your brand.

From blueprint to reality, the launch is the realization of all that planning and time investment. Your site is now open to the world and will be the first place many of your customers are introduced to your brand. Although you can breathe a sigh of relief after a successful launch, get ready for the most crucial period. Always continue to maintain and improve your new application. Track where online business trends are headed and adjust accordingly. With customized data collection, future design decisions will not be blind. Whether to change it or fix it, we will always be there to bring your idea to fruition.