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A Simple, Proven, & Effective Process

Transparent Communication, Realistic Expectations

We always keep you in the loop with an established channel of communication. Clear milestones and firm deadlines give you confidence in the project’s direction. Continued support post-release takes all your digital worries away. Transition into your new digital presence and let us help you along the way.

How Does Our Process Work?


A solid website’s first building block is proper research and systems analysis. We listen to our client in order to identify all the issues. At this stage, logic is defined while collaboration drives the project forward. We then get a general idea as to what they are looking for out of web technology.


We visualize a timeline that explicitly defines our strategy of goals and results. Client input paves the path forward while a roadmap lays out concrete steps towards project completion. We listen to all feedback and adjust accordingly if necessary. After our client gives us the go-ahead, the design phase begins.


Digital design is based in user flow and how it manifests itself through the User Interface (UI). Guided by suggestions, the site’s features are laid out utilizing intelligent design decisions. After agreement on the blueprint (Wireframes), our artist renderings (Mockups) require final approval before development begins.


Referencing the mockups, the user experience comes together. Static designs become fluid applications through teamwork. While our front-end team works, our systems engineer ties it all together behind the scenes. Implementing features defined during the strategy phase is true back-end development.


Now that it is built, we break it. We break it again and again, in every way imaginable, until it cannot break anymore. This rigorous final walkthrough of the application is done with the latest and not-so-latest devices. We define success as a positive, lasting impression that keeps users coming back.


The site is now open to the world in “Live” status. Any changes are done on a development server before becoming “Live”. Customized data collection is your sixth sense, able to guide business decisions with data. Whether to change it or fix it, we will always be there to support our products post-release.